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About Us
SYSCON   Engineering   is   a   professional   engineering   equipment   and   services   provider for   Process   Control,   Automation,   Instrumentation,   Electrical   and      Energy   saving   & Management system.
Industrial Automation-
Energy Management-
We   offers   full   range   of   Control   Systems,      Instruments      and      Electrical   &      Safety components   for   industrial   applications.   We   supply,   design   and   install   instruments and      control      systems      that      meet   customer   specifications   for   performance      and reliability. We provide industry driven automation and software solutions at work.
SYSCON   Engineering   offer   complete   reliable   and   state   of   the   art   solution   of   power distribution including :-
LV, MV, HV Switchgear & Components
Electrical Power Automation
HV / LV Busducts
Cables & Cable Trays
Explosion Proof Products
SYSCON   Engineering   provide   low   cost   reliable   &   quick   energy   saving   system   to   the industry.   Our      aim   is   to   save      energy      and   minimize      production      cost.   We      monitor, measure   and   calculate   the   energy   (Air,   Steam,   Water   &   Electricity)   by   using   proven techniques, instruments and analyzers  to control the waste  energy in the system.
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